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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm back?.?

well that really depends on where I was and where I'm going no?
well as of late in my life I have yet to discover the really meaning of "ME".
and therefore have spent a good portion of my time trying to discover that for myself.
and the way I did that was by being free and open to everything that the life offers and live.
I walked through the street of san fransico, and L.A. I ate dinner under the stars of texas.
and I danced and swam naked in south carolina. and so far my life has not been what I
-thought it would be.

my best friend camille, is now pregnant and engaged, my mom and dad are renewing their vows in november in hawaii [cliche (:] and all hopes of my dream to be in new york and make it seem soo soo.. so abnormal, as if the crazy hecktick life that I wanted, the one full of adventure and endless travel just seem to be so offsetting and to unstable, like as if sometime between than and now i lost my drive my creative edge, my natrual prowess and even this, what I'm doing now seems so ubrupt and so wild to me now.
and using these colors for the text is abit unsettling with me because it relishes the fact that I'm becoming a boring gay.. and you see I cant even finish that sentence becasue I dont know if I'm still a teenager or a adult, and thats maybe why it's soo unsettling, to me. maybe i just gotta be like aI was and be able to drop everything and go do something so wild so extraordinary and just say "FUCK IT" and just be free. so thats what I'm gonna do. :)


siN said...

oh boo, i misss yew like crazy!!! :( yew have to talk to meh again!!! it seems like forever sence we have talked!!!
i love yew boo!
</3 kari! :) :]